Here’s the main reason why i Iove wonder woman: diana is stubbornly good, in a raw elemental way, in a naive vicious way – – and when she realises that humans aren’t all good, when she learns that we chose ares rather than having him crammed down our throats (when she realises that humans open their arms to war and welcome him like a lover)….she doesn’t turn away. She’s good when it is hardest to be good, she is kind when it hardest to be kind – anyone can be kind to people who are kind to them but it takes a true hero to show mercy to those who would show her none, to be kind in the face of a cruel world.

Cynicism is overrated OK. I just love Diana and her stubborn unyielding goodness


some a new hope Luke sketches because I love that boy a lot and i still need to practice facial expressions and non-realistic art style (basically this is my attempt at figuring out how to draw Luke and make it actually look like him without making it super realistic)